Pop Up Power Supplies units are suitable for use across a wide range of public, heritage, sporting and industrial applications. Click the images below to view examples and case studies.


The range of retractable, pop up service units, in ground units and power bollards from Pop Up Power offers a solution for virtually every kind of outdoor space. From paved market squares and semi-covered retail plazas, to grassed areas alongside sports pitches and the gardens of heritage sites, we have it covered.

The key consideration when deciding which solution is right for your project is whether you are seeking to provide an access point to services which is discreet or an obvious feature. The great thing about retractable, pop up units and in-ground service units is that they are hidden in the ground until they are needed, which helps to keep outdoor spaces clear of obstructions and is perfect where aesthetics are the most important factor. This is the case for many listed buildings and heritage sites, for example.

On the flip side, your project may be ideally suited to the power bollards available from Pop Up Power Supplies®. These feature a door to access power sockets, water connections, gas, data and much more, as and when it is needed, with the bollard available in four elegant designs and any RAL colour finish. This option gives you the opportunity to make the street furniture a stylish feature to enhance the streetscape or outdoor space.