30 Apr 2021

Catering, restaurants and food outlets are waiting in anticipation for the easing of lockdown measures when they can look forward and start preparing to trade again. It’s a welcome return that many food entrepreneurs are actually seeing as an opportunity to grow their business in an otherwise unstable market.

However, there are clear challenges ahead. Social distancing rules, hygiene restrictions and changes in consumer behaviour mean that running a successful business will need a more creative approach. Many customers clearly miss the dining experience and outdoor eating may offer a solution.

In order to get back on their feet many restaurants, pubs and cafes will need to adapt to our dramatically changing circumstances in order to survive. And many outlets are already rethinking how they operate – some businesses have diversified and now operate from food trucks that can be situated outside premises or even driven and located where the consumer feels comfortable to visit.

Being adaptable and creative allows businesses to continue trading during unusual circumstances. Those hospitality businesses who have adopted trucks, vans, shipping containers and even horse boxes are testament to this! All are quirky and offer a point of difference in a tough market.

Some businesses have continued to make a profit despite Covid by adapting to a more outdoor offering, encouraging customers with a safe social distanced experience and allowing them to enjoy a culinary experience without pandemic anxiety.

Mobility will also be an important differentiator to reach customers as they start to visit parks, open spaces, heritage sites and outdoor activities.

This changing market points to a need for public outdoor spaces to be equipped with the right infrastructure to power food stalls and other facilities. Hiring costly generators is not a viable long term solution so a permanent on-demand solution is key.

Here is where Pop Up Power Supplies® can play an important role in the future of outdoor food retailing, eating and drinking. Its products offer a dependable solution for local authorities, restaurants and cafes across the UK seeking to accommodate outdoor customers.

The Pop Up Power Supplies® range of retractable and in ground, flip lid power units, along with power bollards, provide extremely safe and flexible options for power. The retractable, pop up power units are raised from the ground using a turning handle, and lowered back into place when power is no longer required. In-ground units provide the same on-demand access via a robust flip lid.

Each power unit has lock protected access to prevent public access and maximise safety. Only the cables protrude from the power unit. Cables that are connected are as short as they can be and can be covered by cable protectors to reduce trip hazards. The durable, easy to use units are designed to provide power and other services when you need them, but are hidden when you don’t.

To discuss how the range from Pop Up Power Supplies® can transform the potential of your town or city centre in time for Summer 2021, please contact us or call 020 8227 0208.