30 Apr 2021

The number of drive-in cinemas across the UK has skyrocketed from 3 to 49 during the Covid pandemic.

With the British ‘staycation’ set to remain for 2021 many outdoor sites and venues are set to offer a socially distanced cinema experience to allow consumers and audiences to get their movie fix for the first time in probably a year.

The Outdoor cinema allows each vehicle to be a Covid safe bubble and many venues are set to offer a delivery service of popcorn and snacks to your car.

Most film showings are taking place in the spacious and beautiful grounds of stately homes, heritage sites or museums making for a magical or thrilling cinema experience.

The UK’s drive in outdoor cinema bookings are already  surging with the slight lifting of restrictions that we have recently seen in April 2021.

“We noticed last year that in most months the terms ‘drive-in’ and ‘outdoor cinemas’ were the most searched-for event formats on our site,” said Sebastian Boppert, an executive at Eventbrite. “They’re becoming increasingly popular again now; we may even hit peak drive-in this summer, as people look to get out and about again.”

Many venues and outdoor cinema operators have begun investing in state of the art screens, sound systems and power supplies. Whilst many outdoor activities in this country are weather sensitive, drive in cinema is less so and will be a business model that is here to stay in the UK for the foreseeable future.

Pop Up Power Supplies® already offer a clever power solution for many stately homes and heritage sites throughout the UK and are currently used extensively by local authorities and private businesses to cater for outdoor power requirements.

The range of In Ground Power Units, or Flip Lid Units are an extremely safe and flexible option for power. Each power unit benefits from a secure lockable lid. This prevents public access increasing safety. Only the cables protrude from the power unit. The cables will be covered by cable protectors which also reduces any hazard.

The durable, easy to use units are designed to provide power and other services when you need them, but are hidden when you don’t. They are ideal for use in public areas as their design minimises the potential for damage and they operate with the lid locked down with only the power cable protruding.

Pop Up Power Supplies® offers a range of six in ground units, from the Slim 250mm unit, right up to the 700mm x 500mm PUPS02 – 7050-for providing total power of up to 125 amps. All feature recessed covers to accept paving or other types of surface to achieve a seamless visual result.

To discuss how the range from Pop Up Power Supplies® can transform the potential of your town in time for Summer 2021, please contact us or call 020 8227 0208.