15 Feb 2021

The future of electricity is not only about the new ways of generating it but also about new ways of utilising it. Not surprising then that the expected global electricity demand to rise by more than 60% over the next 20 years.

The question is – do we have the right infrastructure in place to ensure people can get access to electricity as and when they need to?

Electricity will, of course, largely replace petrol and diesel as a fuel for transport, but it will replace natural gas and oil that we currently use to heat our homes and power our industries.

It is anticipated that in 30 years’ time renewables will be the primary source of electricity, such as offshore wind farms, solar plants and household rooftop solar generation. Our patterns of consumption will change too. Tomorrow’s vehicles will be electric, even in the near future numbers are expected to rise rapidly with an expected 13 million zero and low emission vehicles on the road by 2025.

Domestic heating is certainly on the ‘hot list’ for tackling CO2 emissions and poor air quality, currently representing the biggest use of domestic energy. At the moment, 51% of us depend directly on burning gas, oil or coal to keep our homes warm, and more than 100 million European households will need to make the switch from fossil fuels to electricity for heating.

In addition to the above changes by 2035, smart technology is turning everything we own into intelligent machines, from coffee makers to even your bed. Gathering masses of data that will be used to optimise your life for the better! Powering all these devices and storing the imaginable amount of data they produce will be a challenge, however, as much as these smart devices demand energy they will also allow us to save it too!

In the public realm, smart technology will allow connected devices such as traffic lights to turn off when there are no cars, offices will turn off lights when there is no one in a room and homes will understand your energy needs better and tailor appliance usage to your habits. On a larger scale, the introduction of artificial intelligence will allow the entire grid to connect and work seamlessly with every one of the billions of devices taking energy from it.

All these technologies will play an important role in ensuring tomorrow's demand for electric energy is secure and sustainable. But we must also maintain excellent connectivity when outdoors and that’s where Pop Up Power Supplies® will play an important role in the future.

Already extensively by local authorities, urban planners and operators across the UK, the range of In Ground Power Units, or Flip Lid Units are an extremely safe and reliable option for power. Each power unit benefits from a secure lockable lid which prevents public access and increases safety, with only the cables protruding from the power unit. Any cables can also be covered by cable protectors to reduces trip hazards.

The durable, easy to use units are designed to provide power and other services when you need them, but are hidden when you don’t, so there is no need to hire temporary generators.

To discuss how the range from Pop Up Power Supplies® can enhance access to electricity supplies in your public space, please contact us at or call 020 8227 0208.