1 Feb 2021

One of the defining aspects of British culture is the local fair, which is why it is so important to make sure we have public spaces equipped in the right way to help keep the tradition alive.

Traditionally, the local fair was a focal point for traders, communities and gave the opportunity to welcome outsiders to a town or village. Hundreds of fairs took place across Britain, mostly returning to the same site on a particular date for centuries.

Returning year-in, year-out until Covid interrupted this long standing tradition, their purpose was for both business and pleasure, often being a celebration usually held in Autumn. In the Middle Ages, many fairs developed as temporary markets and were especially important for long-distance and international trade, as wholesale traders travelled, sometimes for many days, to fairs where they could be sure to meet those they needed to buy from or sell to.

Fairs traditionally thrived all over Britain, each featuring hundreds of stalls and entertainers from all over the country. This was in part due to the fact that permanent shops were rare outside major cities, and the fair, therefore, provided a rare opportunity to buy products in the marketplace. Entertainment was key, which is why the fair included theatre troupes, musicians and exotic animals.

Fairs have continued to visit our market towns over the years bringing a tradition into the modern day, including the vast funfairs of Nottingham – with its Goose Far – and Hull. But now in the wake of Covid, coupled with the decline of our high street, the urgency to preserve the tradition is great.

There is huge opportunity as people will be unable to gather in crowded shopping centres and indoor entertainment venues for the foreseeable future. It is feasible, therefore, that we will see a return to this long standing outdoor tradition for both entertainment and trading keeping market stalls and fairgrounds strong for the future.

That’s why investment sites to host fairs is vital, particularly the infrastructure for power supplies. Pop Up Power Supplies® are used extensively by local authorities, city centre managers to add functionality and adaptability to communal spaces, creating bespoke outdoor power solutions for each project allowing for flexible use of our market squares, recreation sites, parks, etc.

The range of In Ground Power Units, or Flip Lid Units is ideal, providing an extremely safe and reliable option for powering such spaces. Each power unit benefits from a secure lockable lid which prevents unauthorised public access to increase safety. Only the cables protrude from the submerged power unit and these can be covered with cable protectors to reduce trip hazards.

The durable, easy to use units are designed to provide power and other services when you need them, but are hidden when you don’t, so there is no need to hire temporary generators.

To discuss how the range from Pop Up Power Supplies® can transform the potential of your town or city centre in time for autumn and Christmas 2021, please contact us or call 020 8227 0208.