8 Feb 2021

Pop Up Power gets creative in the public realm at Greenwich Design District

The courtyards and outdoor public spaces which are a key dimension to Greenwich Peninsula’s unique new creative industries quarter will be equipped for flexible use all year round thanks to installation of 19 in-ground power units from Pop Up Power Supplies®.

The units have been chosen to provide on-demand access to electricity throughout the external spaces with Greenwich Design District. This is a cluster of 16 architecturally unique buildings designed by eight architects over a one-hectare site close to the O2 events arena, which is being developed by Knight Dragon and will contain workspaces and workshops aimed at creative companies.
The Design District is designed as a “piece of city”, with a distinctive street grain, architecture, and urban character. The 16 free-standing buildings are composed around five courtyards, providing 14,000 sq. m of studio space for makers in the creative industries.

The value of the district’s outdoor spaces is maximised through the incorporation of on-demand power connectivity, meeting the goal of providing plenty of activity at street level as well as being an interesting place to walk or just hang out. There is a food market with room for up to 20 stalls, two cafes, and the design of each building allows for ground floor workshops to spill out onto the courtyards, creating opportunities for shops and galleries to spring up for the public to explore.

By installing Pop Up Power Supplies® Slim IGUs (in-ground units), the Design District’s developers have ensured that any kind of outdoor event requiring access to power, such as for a retail stall, an artistic performance or a food fair, can plug-in easily and safely. The units are submerged into paved areas and accessed through a flip lid that is recessed to accommodate the matching paving, thus being unobtrusive and consistent from a public realm design perspective.

The flip lids allow for the units to be used with the lids in the closed/locked position for additional safety and security. And because the units are positioned close to where users need them, there is less likelihood of trip hazards as there is no need to use lengthy trailing cables from nearby buildings.

Each Slim IGU is 250mm deep and manufactured to be robust using galvanised high grade structural steel plate. The recessed cover has been tested unfilled to EN124 B125 load classification, making the units suitable for pedestrian precincts, forecourts and commercial delivery and parking areas.

Slim IGUs are one option in a range of in-ground units available from Pop Up Power Supplies® designed to provide a solution for every requirement. This includes the PUPS 03, which provides a total power supply of 63 amps (single or 3 phase incoming supply) and can be used to supply electricity, water, gas and telephone services, plus the much larger PUPS02 – 7050 offering 125 amps in a single supply.

To find out more about in-ground service units here.