26 Oct 2021

“There are more boats on our canals now than at the height of the industrial revolution.”

- Canal & River Trust, 2021

Boating is booming! In March 2021, there were 35,130 people in England and Wales with boat licences for rivers and canals, many of whom are newbies.

A new generation of boaters has discovered the appeal of the UK’s inland waterways. Covid has led to many people discovering new activities locally or within the British Isles and boats are in huge demand as a result.

Why a reliable power supply matters hugely at marina berths

Whilst part of the appeal of boating is to enjoy the great outdoors and the opportunity to live life at a slower pace away from the stresses of the world, many people still want access to modern technology and devices that they have become used to and can’t live without.

That’s why the quality of the facilities provided by marinas are so important – particularly now with a new influx of boaters who may have different expectations compared to seasoned enthusiasts and ‘live-aboard-ers’. Boats with ‘all mod cons’ need marina berths that are equipped with the right quality of facilities and connectivity to support them.

One quick-win for marina owners and developers is to ensure each berth provides quick, easy and safe access to power supplies as and when they are needed. 

Which outdoor power units could you install?

Pop Up Power Supplies® is ideally placed to help here, with three types of power unit available depending on the type of berth, mooring and surrounding environment:

Power bollard

For many marinas, a power bollard provides the ideal power supply choice. They can be installed onto any type of berth close to vessels for access to power sockets with ease, and with the power bollard range available from Pop Up Power Supplies®, they look stylish and offer long term durability thanks to their stainless steel construction in grades 304 or 316.

In-ground power unit

Where the berth is of a solid concrete construction, such as a former commercial dock, in-ground service units are another option. These flip-lid units are submerged into the dockside which means they present no obstacle to pedestrians or vehicles. Power access is provided by opening a flip-lid and, once the cables are connected, the unit can be used with the lid locked down for a continuous uninterrupted power supply to boats. 

Pop up, retractable power unit

Another solution for marinas where there is the potential for a power unit to be submerged into the berth is a pop up power unit. These are raised from the ground using a turning handle when access to power is needed, and lowered back into the ground when no longer required. This is very much a ‘there when you need it, hidden when you don’t solution’.

Every power unit bespoke to a berth’s requirements

Every on-demand outdoor power unit supplied by Pop Up Power Supplies is manufactured to the customer’s requirements. This means every power unit can be configured to what you need at a marina berth to ensure you get the correct number of power sockets and output. These power units can also be specified to provide a water supply and data/telephone sockets.

To discuss which power unit would work best for you, please contact Pop Up Power Supplies® on 020 8227 0208 or visit