12 Aug 2020

How easily can your business adapt its outdoor spaces to follow Covid-19 best-practice and government guidance as it changes suddenly?

In virtually every sector, as long as the risk of Covid-19 transmission exists, there are very good reasons to make more use of the outdoor spaces available on your premises. For example, managers of industrial sites are being encouraged to have staff meetings outside, teachers will be making an effort to hold lessons in the outdoors and cafes, bars and restaurants are helping customers stay safe by increasing the provision of al fresco dining spaces.

While the unprecedented pandemic has been a steep learning curve for the vast majority of business, adaptability has been one of the most important factor in getting through the crisis. And that includes adaptability of company premises and assets.

With social distancing absolutely crucial in the fight to minimise virus transmission, it may be that you are looking at an outdoor space through a new lens. That outdoor courtyard, for example, that has hardly been used for the past 20 years can now be the perfect outdoor seating area for the canteen, so staff members can sit further apart when eating. Or maybe the unused corner of your factory’s vehicle yard could become another productive space for socially distanced assembly or fabrication processes.

Making these outdoor spaces usable requires having safe and easy access to power, water, gas, data and other services – in the same way as indoors. Lighting and power for plant and equipment will be needed at the very least. Hiring generators which have trailing cables is not a particularly viable option for many facilities managers and business owners, as they can impact on safety and environmental goals as well as being costly in the longer term.

The best solution is a service unit that is available on demand – there when you need it, hidden when you don’t. And that is why the range of retractable and in-ground service units from Pop Up Power Supplies® are proving so popular with organisations as they make provisions for uncertain times.

Setting up a temporary production area on your site can be done quickly with service units from Pop Up Power®. A pop up unit raises from the ground simply with a turning handle and retracts the same way. Once raised, users can plug in to power and any other services required.

In-ground units offer the same connectivity, but they are permanently submerged with access provided via a flip-lid. This provides an additional security and safety benefit as the service units offer continuous unattended use with the lid locked down to prevent unauthorised access.

Both solutions offer the potential to transform any outdoor space into a useable asset that you can use as and when you need to. To discuss further, please contact us.