12 Aug 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many citizens valuing the parks and outdoor spaces in their local neighbourhood more than ever before. And with Manchester about to get its first new city centre park in 100 years, are we at the start of a renaissance for urban green spaces?

At the height of the lockdown, ‘one hour a day’ outdoor exercise was one of the only activities permitted and many of us took advantage, if only to escape our homes and avoid cabin fever! But, as the lockdown eased and parks were allowed to re-open, it was clear that a large proportion of people saw the attraction of their local green spaces and were starting to see them in a new light.

The challenge is how to ensure parks remain relevant to people and in tune with modern lifestyles. The vast majority of local authorities and private park owners are already on board with this thinking with the provision of facilities for eating and drinking and spaces for staging events. But many more existing parks have the potential to be transformed and new parks can be equipped properly through the installation of an on-demand infrastructure for power, water, data services and more.

Parks across the UK, including Victoria Park in east London, are already benefiting as a result of having the right infrastructure provided by UK company Pop Up Power Supplies®. It offers a range of retractable, pop up units and in-ground service units that can be integrated into any park or public space. These ensure food stalls, performance stages, large screens, PA systems, heaters and many more applications can connect as and when they need to in order to provide park-goers with entertainment, food and drink, etc.

The beauty of Pop Up Power Supplies® service units is that they are only visible when required and in-use. The pop up service units are raised from and lowered into the ground using a simple turn handle when they are needed and hidden away safely when not. In-ground service units are permanently submerged and feature a flip-lid for access to power and any other services specified, and they can be used with the lid locked down for additional security.

Pop Up Power Supplies® also provides a full design and specification service to support specifiers and ensure any park can be installed with the right safe, secure, on-demand power and services infrastructure. To find out more please contact us.