29 Jul 2020

Britain is experiencing a staycation boom as holidaymakers snub foreign holidays in 2020 in favour of trips to the best of what their home nations have to offer. According to BBC News, one holiday park on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales took 300 bookings in just one day shortly after the prime minister announced a relaxation of holiday restrictions in early July.

What lies behind this sudden jump in popularity is the obvious desire for holidaymakers to stay socially distanced, and that means outdoor activities are what people are seeking most. Camping, glamping and caravanning holidays have become a great option for people wishing to escape whilst minimising their risk of COVID-19, but they will also want to stay distanced when relaxing, socialising and enjoying their usual holiday activities.

But how are well equipped our holiday parks, leisure facilities and tourist destinations to cater for large numbers of visitors who will mainly want to stay outdoors as much as possible? Al fresco dining has boomed in the hospitality sector as consumers are attracted to bars, cafes and restaurants where they can keep socially distanced and outdoors. The same will be true across the holiday industry, with everything from outdoor play areas for children and sports facilities to ‘street food’ kiosks, check-in stands and retail stalls all having the potential to thrive.

The key to ensuring holiday parks and other public facilities are ready for this extra outdoor provision is having the right power infrastructure, which is safe and available flexibly as and when it is needed. This is where the range of retractable, pop up power units and flip lid, in-ground power units from UK company Pop Up Power Supplies® offer enormous potential.

Paved pedestrian areas and green spaces can be transformed into useable assets with the installation of the service units available from Pop Up Power Supplies®. They work on the principle that they are there when you need them and hidden when you don’t. And when not required, because they are hidden in the ground, there are locked away to prevent against unauthorised access or vandals.

Within the range of retractable, pop up service units are four options providing a power supply of 63, 125 or 600 Amps. These can also be specified to provide water, gas, telephony and other services too. When required, a simple turn handle allows the units to be raised from the ground for users to connect and begin operating. After use, the units are easily returned to the ground, with recessed lids accommodating matching paving slabs and other surrounding surface materials.

The six options in the range of flip-lid, in-ground service units from Pop Up Power Supplies® offer similar configuration flexibility and services access with the benefit of being permanently submerged and usable while the lids are locked down. This offers another layer of health and safety assurance and can be more appropriate in smaller spaces.

A further option comes with power bollards. These stainless steel bollards are elegantly designed to complement any landscaping or design intent, providing on demand access to between 220 and 400 volts and 125A of power, with configurations to suit any client needs.

Contact us today to discuss how our retractable, in ground or bollard service units can unlock the potential of your outdoor space.