3 Dec 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the closure or scaling back of our leisure centres and private gyms for safety reasons at a time when we desperately need them. Fitness facilities are vital to help tackle the rising obesity problem and the poor levels of fitness that are causing a health crisis in the UK, which in turn is putting extra pressure on the NHS.

So, as we emerge from the pandemic, the role of leisure centres and gyms in recovering the nation’s physical and mental health will be enormous. The problem will be convincing the public that these facilities are safe to use when repeated news reports and government statements have declared them ‘high risk’ for Covid transmission. This is why outdoor spaces in the grounds of leisure facilities will be more important than ever.

When the UK emerged from the early 2020 lockdown, the setting up of outdoor spaces for exercise was one of the stand-out moves. Treadmills, cross-trainers, bikes and other cardio machines were set up for use in the paved and lawned spaces outside leisure centres, along with weights, benches, mats and other equipment. Ideal for enabling users to work out without the risk of Covid transmission through the air indoors.

The public’s appetite for outdoor exercise is set to continue for years to come and gyms will also need to consider how they recapture those who have turned to home exercise using online sessions. So, it is time for investment in the outdoor infrastructure – making spaces adaptable so that they can be used as and when required.

Running trailing power cables from nearby buildings is simply not a long term solution – primarily because they present a major health and safety risk in the form of a trip hazard. Every gym machine, lighting unit, sound or visual installation or heater that is needed to host proper outdoor exercise sessions and facilities needs easy access to power, which is best achieved using a pop up, retractable service unit or an in-ground unit with a flip lid.

The range of on-demand service units from Pop Up Power Supplies® are submerged in the ground and provide access to outdoor power supplies whatever the goal. They can be configured to provide the required number of power sockets to safely connect equipment and they can be used to feed gas, water and data to outdoor spaces too.

Pop up power units have been used extensively in the UK for years, including in the grounds of public buildings, shopping centres, tourist attractions and universities. They are raised from the ground easily using a turning handle and lowered back to the ground when their purpose is served – ‘there when you need them, hidden when you don’t’.

In-ground service units are accessed via a flip lid and can be used with the lid locked down once power leads are connected for additional safety. Their recessed lids are designed to accommodate paving slabs, grass, tarmac and any other surface covering to ensure they blend in seamlessly with their surroundings when not in use.

A power bollard option is also available from Pop Up Power Supplies®. These provide the same types of access to power, water, etc. but in an elegantly designed bollard format that can be a feature alongside other outdoor furniture.

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