23 Oct 2020

Our high streets and town centres are a focal point for our culture, communities and our everyday economy. Our marketplaces are for living and working.

In the wake of the pandemic our town centres face many challenges, but research shows how much they are valued. They provide places to meet, socialise and connect. They allow us to shop, work and live. With our increased need to connect these areas are vital to many communities, they boost wellbeing and even benefit our mental health. Our town centres are one of the most important spaces for us as a community.

The decline of our high streets is often connected to retail, but our marketplaces and streets are very much more than just a parade of shops. In response to all the economic challenges we face, such as overpopulation and congestion, it is more vital than ever that our town centres adapt to survive and in the future hopefully thrive.

Throughout the UK, due to the Covid pandemic people have been travelling less, and instead are shopping and living more locally. Our local high streets will benefit from and welcome this increased footfall. But with the desire to use public transport less and the government's advice to stay local, more pedestrian and communal space is needed.

Shared and public spaces join our communities together in so many ways. It is with creative thinking that we will be able to regenerate our high street to be more than just a thoroughfare. Our town centres can become the focal point for social interaction, socially distanced of course! The shopping experience can be supplemented by market stalls, cafe culture and street performances. Local councils will need to be creative in re-designing the spaces, retaining local characteristics and all the while complementing traditional architecture.

Having the infrastructure ready to accommodate outdoor activities can often by a catalyst for creativity. This is part of the reason why the Pop Up Power Supplies® range is used extensively by local authorities, city centre managers and shopping centre operators across the UK, creating bespoke outdoor power solutions for each project to allow for flexible and adaptable use of our spaces.
The range of In Ground Power Units or Flip Lid Units provides an extremely safe and reliable option for powering such spaces. Each power unit benefits from a secure lockable lid which prevents public access for increased safety, with only the cables protruding from the power unit. The cables will be covered by cable protectors which also reduces any hazard and fits seamlessly into the surrounding areas.

The durable, easy to use units are designed to provide power and other services when you need them, but are hidden when you don’t, so there is no need to hire temporary generators.
Find out more about how the Pop Up Power Supplies® range can transform the potential town or city centres during 2021 at or call 020 8227 0208.